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Cell Zone®, Inc. was founded in 2010 by Dawn Tamarkin, Ph.D., a biology professor at National University in San Diego, CA and formerly at Springfield Technical Community College in Springfield, MA.  Our first products were primarily developed through National Science Foundation support; Dawn started Cell Zone® to disseminate these products to a larger audience.  We have many more ideas for products and hope to expand our product list in the future as our company grows.  Meanwhile, Dawn continues to teach and test out her ideas on her own classes.

Cell Zone® was formed with a mission to make Universal Design for Learning (UDL) biology products available to more classrooms so that more students can learn about biology.  All of our products have been classroom tested and work with a very wide range of students-- from 3rd grade students through college science majors.  Because our products reach students with diverse learning styles regardless of ability/disability, they are ideal for any classroom.  In addition, students get to interact and participate in a student-centered approach when they use Cell Zone® products, so they have more fun learning about biology.

It is our goal to keep the pricing of our products as low as possible while keeping them extremely durable.  For example, one kit of our Dynamic Cell Models enables a class to model at least two unique eukaryotic cells at a time; meanwhile, a standard, quality, static model of a single eukaryotic cell typically costs more than our entire kit.  In addition, with the Dynamic Cell Models, the students can continually change the cells they are modeling for endless variety and applicability.  Our products should last a long time, especially since they can be easily cleaned (our plastic components are dishwasher safe).

At Cell Zone®, Inc., our goal is for science to be accessible to all students, while still being easy to use for teachers.  Our products serve to engage more students and help them to understand, not just memorize, biological information.  We have been told by many teachers that our materials work this way in their classes.  Since we incorporate a UDL approach in all of our products, teachers can bring UDL into their classrooms simply by using our products.

All of our products are manufactured in the United States. 

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