Professional Development and Consulting

Cell Zone can come to your school or school district and provide hands on training with our products!


Teachers are more likely to implement new strategies when they have had the opportunity to get more familiar with them. We can ensure that teachers have the chance to work with our products before bringing them into the classroom. Our training will offer multiple options for how to use our products, so that teachers can choose the options with which they are more comfortable.


Cell Zone can also provide workshops on Universal Design for Learning.  With over 20 years of experience in UDL, we can show your faculty how to implement that approach in the classroom.


All of our workshops are developed using UDL approaches, so we have activities, individual work, group work, and more.  By the end of our workshops, teachers walk away with the tools to begin having a more active and inclusive classroom


Please inquire if you are interested in having Cell Zone, Inc. come to your campus or district.

Now Reduced Prices!

When everything else costs more, we have lowered prices on our bestsellers to help your students learn.

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