All of our products are designed to include more learners in biology.  Choose any product here (or in the navigation bar at the left) to find out more about it.

Image of some pieces of the Molecular Puzzle Kit Molecular Puzzles
Image showing most of the components that are included in one Dynamic Cell Model kit. Dynamic Cell Models
Image of components of a 6-group Plant Cell Mitosis Sequencing Kit Mitosis Sequencing Kit
Image of a portion of a high school / university diversity kit for 6 groups of students Diversity Kits
Some of our posters hanging in display at one of our booths are shown Posters
Image of a counter-mounted Burner Brake covering a gas jet fixture; this Burner Brake is equipped with a removable fastener that is being inserted. Burner Brake

We have developed each product for a specific set of lessons or a specific purpose. For example, all biology students learn about dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis chemical reactions... but how many students find these reactions easy or fun to learn?  How many students understand the usefulness of these reactions?  If every student is supposed to learn this, let's make it exciting so that more students choose to continue to study biology in their futures!


Our Diversity Kits teach about the diversity of life, food webs, trophic levels, and evolutionary relatedness.  They can also be used for students to develop models of classification.


Our Dynamic Cell Models are for learning about plant, animal, and bacterial cells. They also help students learn to understand what they are viewing under the microscope.  In addition, because of their tactile nature, they are particularly useful for students with visual disabilities to learn about cells and microscopy. Finally, students can make models of cells with this kit, rather than simply viewing an existing model.


Our Mitosis Sequencing Kits are designed to help students understand the process of mitosis rather than just memorizing the IPMAT phases.  Students master the vocabulary of mitosis while interacting with their classmates as they use these cards.


Our Molecular Puzzles present the pattern of dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis reactions for students.  They can master building and breaking all the biological molecules (lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids) with these puzzles.  The puzzles are also tactile, making them extremely useful for students with visual disabilities.  The Molecular Puzzles are part of the Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science course curriculum as well.


Our posters can be used to learn about specific cells or tissues (including histology).  But they are also useful for developing a class community of science learners by filling a room with real biological images.


We are selling Burner Brake to make your lab room safer regardless of your specific diversity of learners. Fidgety fingers can't turn on the gas when Burner Brake is in place.  Peace of mind results from knowing that all the gas jets are off with just a simple glance around the room.


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