Additional Posters

As more posters are added they will continue to appear on this page. Some of the newer additions are more specific human histological images, some are of rock sections, and others are just interesting micrographs. Please check back as we will be continuing to add posters.

Rocks for Geology Classes

We are offering photomicrographs of three different rocks. These rocks were sectioned for microscopy and the photomicrographs were taken at either 40X or 100X magnification. There are 5 posters in this rock set. Barytes is a barium sulphate rock, larvikite is also known as "blue pearl granite," and dolerite is a basalt and is also known as "bluestone."

Rock Set, PST-rock

5 posters with 5 frames cost $155 + shipping.


Skin Poster Set

These 8 posters are of thin and thick skin, at low and high magnification power, and also show glands and sensory organs.

Skin Set, PST-skin

8 posters with 8 frames cost $234 + shipping.


Blood Cell Set

The five white blood cell types (neutrophil, lymphocyte, monocyte, eosinophil, and basophil) are visible in these micrographs taken at 1000X magnification.

Blood Set, PST-blood

5 posters with 5 frames cost $155 + shipping.


Photomicrographs that catch the eye

These are images of biological specimens that trick the eye a bit into seeing something else. These first two are both of reticular connective tissue, but look like a face and a tree.

More images will be coming soon...

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