Burner Brake

Burner Brake is a lab safety product developed with fidgety students in mind.  It is produced by The Lab Zone, LLC for Cell Zone, Inc. It is our only classroom product that is not for learning, but for safety. It can be used in biology, chemistry, or physics classrooms.


How does it work? It covers the gas fixture, maintaining the gas jets it in the "off" position. Students won't be able to turn on the gas just by tinkering around with the jets. When the jets are needed to run Bunsen burners, simply remove Burner brake and use the gas. The best part is that when students are done with the gas, they simply reposition Burner Brake onto the fixture and then a teacher can easily tell if the gas is off. You see, Burner Brake can only go onto the gas fixture properly when the gas is off, so a look around the room at each fixture reveals whether Burner Brake was put on correctly.


This is why with Burner Brake, "when it's on, it's off!"


We currently offer the versions of Burner Brake that fit onto a gas fixture with 2 gas jets at 90 degree angles, whether that fixture is mounted on the counter or the wall. You can purchase them individually or by the dozen, and either with or without removable fasteners.


The photo shown below with the "Add to cart" button depicts Burner Brake sitting over a counter-mounted gas jet fixture.  It sits flush on the counter when the gas jets are off.

This second image is the version of Burner Brake with a removable fastener. When the fastening rod is inserted through the holes, Burner Brake cannot be removed from the gas fixture. Almost every teacher we have spoken with does not want a permanent-type of lock that prevents removal or that requires a key. This fastener is just enough to stop fidgeting hands.

Counter-Mounted Gas Fixture

We carry Burner Brake to fit over this type of gas fixture-- a counter-mount 2-jet fixture with the jets at 90 degrees to each other.



Wall-Mounted Gas Fixture

We also carry Burner Brake to fit over this type of gas fixture-- a wall-mount 2-jet fixture with the jets at 90 degrees to each other.



The images above are to help you determine if we have the right Burner Brake for your school.  Check your gas fixtures at your school and see if they match the type above or what other type you have.  The Lab Zone, LLC expects to make Burner Brake versions to fit other types of gas jet fixtures over the next couple of years. Check this product out on our Cell Zone Shop!


Burner Brake is patent pending in the US as well as international patents pending. The term "Burner Brake" has been trademarked. 

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