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About the Dynamic Cell Models:


“The cell models are fantastic for helping my lower students understand the 3 dimensional nature of cells and also the important differences between plant and animal cells.  Many of these students are still at a concrete sequential stage of development; to imagine “invisible” cells is challenging for them, even when we look at them under the microscope.”


About the Molecular Puzzles:


“By the way - we love these puzzles. We are able to utilize them at the Biology level, Honors Biology level, AP Biology level AND Human Anatomy and Physiology. Excellent product!"


"I have had success with using the molecular puzzles with advanced learners, both Honors Science 7 students and elementary teachers that I train in the summer.  They are so good for helping demystify organic biomolecules – better than any pictures or labs I have tried in the past!  I love how it is impossible to put them together incorrectly.  The variety of ways that the monomers can combine to make actual molecules is always astonishing to people.”


“Since we spoke a couple of weeks ago the use of the puzzles has increased.  A biology teacher has decided to try them.  The kids that had trouble with the organic molecules concepts gained a better understanding of it.  In my case the models completely illustrated the processes of hydrolysis and dehydration synthesis.”


“I will admit that at first I was leery of using these models since I trained using the ball and stick models.  I wound up changing my position after using them the first time.  The students actually spent more time working on the processes rather than on assembling the ball and stick models.  They were also able to get started faster with significantly less explanation from me.”


“I just wanted to let you know that I am ordering another Molecular Model kit because you just can't have too many.”


"My senior human physiology students, who used the kit as a review, said that having the connecting pieces to hold in their hands was much more meaningful than the paper model we used in sophomore biology."

About the Mitosis Sequencing Kits:


“I just wanted to let you know that we used the mitosis sequencing kits this week and the students really seemed to enjoy the activity. I was surprised how much they learned from working through the activity.”

About the Diversity Kits:


“I have used your product and the students enjoyed it.”

About the Posters:


"Thank you for the amaing photos, background, your time and expertise.  The student comments just in our small group were great, they started asking questions right away, thank you!"

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