Microbiology Poster Set

This 10-poster set includes

  • gram positive coccus bacteria (Staphylococcus epidermidis)
  • gram negative coccus bacteria (from throat culture)
  • gram positive bacillus chains (Bacillus cereus)
  • gram negative bacillus bacteria (Proteus vulgaris)
  • gram positive coccobacillus bacteria (Lactococcus lactis)
  • gram negative coccbacillus bacteria (Alecans faecalis)
  • gram positive coccus tetrads (Micrococcus roseus)
  • gram positive bacillus bacteria with terminal spores (Bacillus sphaericus)
  • acid fast and non-acid fast mixture of bacteria
  • a mixed culture of coccus, bacillus, and spirilis bacteria

Microbiology Set, PST-micro

10 posters with 10 frames cost $275 + shipping.


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