Mitosis Sequencing Kits

Each Mitosis Sequencing Kit comes in a handy box and contains an instructor booklet (shown above at the right). The instructor booklet includes handouts for students. The kit shown in the photo is the 4-group kit with images of plant cells undergoing mitosis.  By "4-group" it means that this kit will work with a classroom broken up into 4 groups of students.  If you have fewer students in your classroom and want only a 2-group kit, that is also available. Additionally, if you prefer to work with more groups in your classroom, we have a 6-group kit.  We also have all of these options with images of animal cells undergoing mitosis.

The goal of the Mitosis Sequencing Kit is to get students to learn not only mitosis phases but also to understand that mitosis is a process. Too often students memorize "IPMAT" (interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase) and merely attempt to label any mitosis image as fitting into one of those phases. By using the Mitosis Sequencing Kit, students are forced to examine multiple aspects of mitosis (and discuss them with their classmates). Students figure out how the process of mitosis occurs and gain an understanding of cell division in general.  Students end up noticing spindle formation, nuclear envelope loss and then return, cytokinesis, and DNA condensation and decondensation.

The Mitosis Sequencing Kit is designed for ease of use by both the students and the teachers. Clean up is a snap-- the students only have to put the cards back into piles by color. The teacher can then grab the cards, put them back into the tote, and go!

This kit received a REVIEW in the May 2011 issue of the American Biology Teacher journal.  This review concluded:  "If you want to make mitosis accessible for every learner, this kit is all you need... The kit allowed my students to interact and have conversations that cannot happen when copying notes from an overhead or counting phases under a microscope. So if you are looking for a new way to approach mitosis, make the content more accessible for all learners, and move beyond memorization, the Mitosis Sequencing Kit by Cell Zone is the only choice."  The reference for this article is:  Chris Monsour, "Review: Mitosis Sequencing Kit: Plant Cell Mitosis," in The American Biology Teacher vol. 73, no. 5 (May 2011), p. 299. (c) 2011 by the National Association of Biology Teachers. Published by the University of California Press. 


Plant Cell Kits:

  • MSK-101-2, Plant Mitosis Sequencing Kit 2 group, $54 per kit
  • MSK-101-4, Plant Mitosis Sequencing Kit 4 group, $99 per kit
  • MSK-101-6, Plant Mitosis Sequencing Kit 6 group, $145 per kit
Animal Cell Kits:
  • MSK-102-2, Animal Mitosis Sequencing Kit 2 group, $54 per kit
  • MSK-102-4, Animal Mitosis Sequencing Kit 4 group, $99 per kit
  • MSK-102-6, Animal Mitosis Sequencing Kit 6 group, $145 per kit

Combined Animal and Plant Cell Kits:
  • MSK-103-8, Combined Mitosis Sequencing Kit, 4 groups of each, $190 per kit
  • MSK-103-12, Combined Mitosis Sequencing Kit, 6 groups of each, $275 per kit


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