Poster Sets of Cells and Tissues

Basic Cell Set

Five posters that illustrate the diversity of cells, show cell appearance under the light microscope, and look great on your walls.

Histology Sets

Epithelial Tissue, Connective Tissue, Muscle Tissue, and Nervous Tissue sets make teaching and learning about histology much simpler.

Plant Sets

Root, leaf, stem, and flower sections stained using multiple staining methods. Excellent for botany or for biological art diptychs and triptychs.

Microbiology Set

10 poster set that includes gram positive and negative bacillus, coccus, and coccobacillus bacteria, as well as terminal spores, acid fast stain, and mixed bacteria with spiral bacteria.

Other Posters

These posters include

  • science as art
  • rocks
  • skin
  • blood
  • and more...

Our posters are 16" x 20" and are offered in a durable, easy-to-hang frame. The posters can be hung on the walls or taken down for use with students during class. The frames allow for people to draw on them with a dry-erase marker, and then simply wipe off whatever they have written.


Each poster comes with a lesson plan, providing the teacher with multiple ways to use the poster in the classroom.  The lesson plans for all the posters are being posted on this website on the Visual Microscopy Learning Kit Lesson Plan page.  They are being posted as needed, so do not worry if the poster you are interested in does not yet have a lesson plan... it will be available with your order.  The lesson plans turn the posters into active microscopy learning kits.


Our posters showcase real photomicrographs for you to display and work with in your classrooms. Why put flimsy, cartoonish posters up on the walls when you can put real scientific images up?


Since all of Cell Zone, Inc. products are made using Universal Design for Learning (UDL), you may wonder, "how is this a universal design for learning approach?"

  • having real cells and tissues displayed in your classroom turns the room into a place where the community of learners does real science
  • the frames can be written on in dry erase markers to highlight items of interest or turn the images into a scavenger hunt
  • students can use the images for a matching exercise where they pair the posters with the right names that describe them or with the material visible in a microscope.

You may choose to get more images than frames so that you can swap out the images throughout the year, or put images back-to-back within a single frame for viewing from both sides.  It is also an option to get the images without the frames.

For more information on the specific posters, follow the links above to see more about each type of poster set.

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